Athletic Apparel with the Highest Degree of Comfort

Whether you are in a light workout, taking a deep breathe in your 7am yoga,grow27or training for your third consecutive triathlon, the gear you wear is better out of your way so you can get into your workout. Humbly our apparel is created first with comfort in mind. Every blend asserts itself into your energy, that our apparel might not restrict you; but join with you as you work into the freedom of your workout.

Symmetry. Physical Wholeness & Global Wellness.

The textile industry is known for it’s gross pollutants and very poor factory working conditions. We sought out first a region where these two factors are more preferable. We set out with this as our criteria and our search ended in Jakarta, Indonesia. We were pleased to find very clean, green-minded factories with very favorable human working conditions in Jakarta.

Not Charity. Community… Causes.

LDA was formed with what we hope is one very powerful idea behind it: to create a substantial- ground breaking product with a specific region of the world, and market that same product on the global market. The dream behind everything is to filter the earnings directly back into the region where the product is being created. We see our relationship with the people of the region as a partnership- where both parties benefit, work together, and most importantly fight together for stirring, local, common causes.

LDA is building its first partnership with the people of Indonesia in areas close to Jakarta. Our factories, our designer, and our operations manager are all in Jakarta. Jakarta is a city on the rise with culture, community, and families. Near Jakarta we were drawn to an island called Bangka. The children of Bangka are rarely able to receive public education past the ages of 10-12. We hope to build an upper grade public education system where students can attend free of charge. Establishing solid relationships on the ground with others that share this goal has been very exciting. First a junior high school; and then a high school. Our inaugural product line is scheduled for sometime during late Spring 2017. LDA will update the status of the project and the development of our inaugural line as we all move forward together.